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We’ve Got You Covered All Through Your Child’s Formative Years.

Every child deserves a quality and well-rounded education in their elementary years..

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Choosing the right school marks a new beginning in the life of your child. Taking one’s time to explore educational options is an important decision for any family or parent.

Get Your Child A Great Head Start

 Every child deserves a quality and well-rounded education in the formative years..

Our Future Leaders Deserve A Well-Round Education

 Every child needs a quality and well-rounded education to become a responsible global citizen..



The Holy Mother Public School aims to provide a structured, purposeful and caring learning environment for all its pupils, within which each girl or boy can feel confident to explore, develop and realise his or her full potential, helped and encouraged by teachers who are expert practitioners of their craft and fully committed to meeting the needs of the children placed in their care.

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Holy Mother Public School is a learning driven community where experienced and dynamic teachers enable student to develop their academic potentials. We are committed to providing quality learning opportunities to the communities, state and the country at large. Our school curriculum is broad and balanced; it provides opportunities for students to be high performing learners whilst at the same time clearly recognising a range of academic needs, ensuring that all students feel valued and successful. Students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is a priority in ensuring optimum teamwork.

Holy Mother Public School has established a safe, conducive and inspiring learning environment where everyone encourages each other and celebrates achievement for academic excellence. We have ambitious targets for future development of our students to enable them become confident global citizens ready to contribute to the development of their community, country and the world in general. We look forward to welcoming your children to our school.


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